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A short address, very easily !


Welcome to the site 1 address 4 u.

This site is made to meet your expectations if you want to offer a short address to your visitors, for the easiest possible access to your site or service on the internet, or for any other reason like for example sending short links on twitter or social networks.

To create one or more short addresses, and benefit from all associated services, you must first register on the site from the page Create an account.

It's totally free and very fast, for example by connecting directly with your Facebook account.

Once your account is registered on the site, you can create a short address for free and easily using a simple form, which only takes a few seconds.

You just have to choose a name consisting of at least 3 letters, such as ‘rio', and indicate the address of your site. The address ‘rio.1a4u.com' is then created immediately and can be used to access your site, via a redirection of the visitor.

Go for it on the page Your addresses.

Every address you create is unique, and no one else can request the same later.

You can create as many addresses as you want.

In addition, you can subscribe to an offer to allow you to create short addresses with names of only 1 or 2 characters, an immediate redirection through your address without display advertising, but also to benefit from other services, such as viewing detailed reports of visits to your address.

Details of these services and their rates are available on the page Services.

Finally, you can contact our team at any time to ask your questions or make your requests, from the page Contact.